Guest Posts on Better Sheets

How to guest post on Better Sheets. You can be an expert or just love Google Sheets! You'll find specifics, about who reads Better Sheets, What I'd like to see more of, and how to submit a Guest Post to Better Sheets.

Guest Posts on Better Sheets

Hi, I'm Andrew I run Better Sheets and you are more than welcome to submit a guest post to be published on the Better Sheets blog. Below you'll find more specifics, about who reads Better Sheets, What I'd like to see more of, and how to submit a Guest Post.

Bring Your Expertise or Enthusiasm

You don't need to be a Google Sheet expert to submit a guest post to Better Sheets. You don't even need to be a life long spreadsheeter. What I would like to see in guest posts, are unparalleled enthusiasm. Are you excited about your own expertise, and happen to use Google Sheets? Then you'll write a wonderful guest post. Bring your own expert knowledge, and if you have a Google Sheet that you work with, then bring it on! Let's go.

For example you could be a car mechanic that wanted to catalog all the broken parts coming in on certain makes and models. You created an easy to use cataloging system that even dirty hands could use with a saran wrapped ipad.

You're a mom who planned the last 10 years of your kids' life with a google sheets and you'd like to share the sheet with other moms. Or you've got a list of 1000 great crafts to make, all cataloged in a Google Sheet. Or you found out you could organize the entire PTA, every meeting, every event, every fundraise, in a Google Sheet. You budgeted a trip to Disney World for your entire family in a Google Sheet, and figured out how to find the exact cheapest date to go to Orlando, all in a Google Sheet.

You're a dad who has a strange addiction to cataloging day-after-the-holiday deals at your local stores. You're on the hunt for the cheapest Christmas gifts you can buy before New Year's and you've come up with a stellar inventory system to keep your cheap goods organized in your attic. And it's all in a Google Sheet. I'd love to hear from you!

You're an SEO agency that came up with a little quirky workflow that you build in Google Sheets and you think it would be a great lead magnet for people who want your $5,000 a month consultancy services. Bring it on. Let's see that awesome SEO sheet.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Submitting a Guest Post to Better Sheets gains you exposure to a wide audience of Google Sheet users, and Better Sheet members. You can build authority and credibility for your own site, and even have the chance to network with other professionals.

But mainly the best benefit is a chance to showcase your expertise, or your enthusiasm for Google Sheets.

The nitty gritty is that you'll get a link to your site, or product, and you'll get in front of thousands of Google Sheet users.

Sharing Templates and/or Expertise

I welcome you to share your templates, paid or free, with Better Sheets members. There's no need to hide the fact that you're selling something but I do want the article you're posting on Better Sheets to be helpful and useful itself.

Products for Sale

It's okay if you're selling a Google Sheet. I want to make sure the post is informative and helpful, foremost. Yes you can link to your Etsy page, or your Gumroad page, or your website. If you're offering a helpful tool, even if it's not free, bring it on. Let's see it!

Free Lead Magnets

I'm over the moon if you want to share your free products with Better Sheets readers. That would be absolutely lovely. But first the article, the post, the writing itself, does need to be helpful, informative, fun. People will need to read it first, then click on your link and download/copy your sheet.

Make sure that the post you write is not just an advertisement for the free product you're giving away.

Who Reads Better Sheets?

You might be surprised that not many beginners read Better Sheets. There are an enormous number of resources for beginners in Google Sheets. Better Sheets specifically is meant to make your Google Sheets experience better. Readers of Better Sheets are tired of sitting and staring at boring sheets 8 to 10 hours a day at work.

They use Google Sheets a lot. I mean, a LOT. And they are tired of feeling confused, confuzzled, or down right stupid.

They want to feel confident in sheets. They have the courage to seek out alternative paths, workarounds, and tips and tricks. They want to learn more, and know a lot.

Better Sheet readers are not beginners. They've been using Google Sheets for years. Maybe in their 2nd decade of using Google Sheets. Better Sheet readers want to get better. They want to see examples of great Google Sheets. They want to see how others use better practices. They recognize there is not single "best practice" but rather a huge amount of techniques and practices that they can incorporate into their own work, their own sheets.

While most Google Sheet users "have to" use Google Sheets at their work, most Better Sheet readers choose to use Google Sheets in their own business, and in their regular daily lives. They love the collaborative and cloud based program that let's them get more work done, faster.

You can name almost any demograph or psychograph, and there is someone reading Better Sheets from that group. But the majority of Better Sheets readers are between 20 and 50 years old. They own, operate, and run their own business online. If they aren't working for themselves, they have a side hustle, or a nights and weekend job that they do run on their own.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Minimum 800 Words
  • Feature either a Google Sheet, or a Google Sheet technique you use.
  • Not Microsoft Excel. We use Google Sheets here at Better Sheets.
  • Submit a Google Doc via Email to with subject: GUEST: <Your Title>

Every guest post must be minimum 800 words. Preferably between 800, and 1,200. For any longer pieces, please submit a short excerpt first.

Write the content in a Google Doc and email it to me. This allows me to have a dialog with you about the content, in the content. I'll ask for changes or additions with comments in your doc.

While I have no qualms with using AI to generate text, when it comes to spreadsheet information it's usually wrong. LLM's are trying to complete text and more times than you think, are just wrong. So as you will see in the content briefs and in the expertise section here I would much prefer your personal experience, rather than faux expertise in "spreadsheets". If you do use AI, and I can tell, then I'll just tell you "it seems like AI generated this".

If the guest post you write, sounds too general, like you don't know who you're writing to, then I'll also say that. I'd say the weirder the better, or the more niche. Write for specifically one person. Your writing will be more to the point, and you'll capture that person's attention much better.

There are 2 billion Google Sheet users, you can't possibly have a tip for all of them. Your sheet, template, tool, will be for some, not all. So write for them.

Content Briefs

Here you'll find a few topics that I am very excited to share and unfortunately I don't think I can write myself. Looking for experts and enthusiasts in these fields who would like to lend their expertise for a moment to the readers of Better Sheets.

Why Did You Make It?

If you create a sheet, that you're now giving away for free, or selling, let Better Sheets members know why you made it. A great story is one in which there was no sheet, you had a problem, and a sheet saved the day. Better yet, you created the sheet. Share your journey, share your struggles, share your journey creating this sheet.

Sheet Games

Did you create a game in a sheet? I love sheet games! I have an entire category of sheet games on Better Sheets and even interviewed Tyler Robertson on Sheet Talking. I'd love to see the games you create in a sheet. Could be a board game playtest, or a text adventure game, or an escape room. Or it could be a basic port of Battleship in a Google Sheets. Please share your games!

Templates For X

If you're selling a template or are giving away a free template, this type of post might work well for you. Create a list of templates (links) that are helpful to your ideal customer/user. Editorialize that list of links. Rate them and rank them. Show off your expertise by sharing what's good/what's useful about each of these templates.

If you're doing this to share your own, make sure it's clearly indicated which template is the one you made. You are more than welcome to share what's better about yours, as long as you're honest and forthright that it is the one you made. Maybe the reason you made it is because you've tried others and they just didn't do this one thing you needed done.

Quirkier The Better

If you feel like your template doesn't fit in, send it along. If you feel like you want to write about a topic that nobody else publishes, let it go! Send it. The wierder, the funnier, the quirkier a topic is, the better.

If you have this one weird trick, and you're like "I don't know who else would want to know this, but it would be great if others would do this." then send it. I've made tons of suggestions, and given advice that seems out of nowhere, like reduce importance of headers, or create big buttons in sheets. And I've even created a tool for making Tiny Sheets. Yes, it's a Google Sheet Add-on that makes 1x1 cell sheets in one click.

If you think it's weird, write it. Send it to me.

Workflows, Dataflows, Peopleflows

Do you have a unique way to manage your projects, your team, or anything you do at work? Share it with Better Sheets readers. If you've been using a sheet to manage your work, and you think you've come up with a unique flow, or a new apps script.

Even if you're selling this, share one thing from your workflow that might help others. And this could lead in directly to a lead magnet or a paid product. But in the article you write, in the guest post, please share one tip, or one trick, you think others could benefit from.

Let's Talk About Sheets

One way to easily be a guest in front of the Better Sheets community is to be a guest on Sheet Talking. I talk to professionals about spreadsheets. Any sheet, Any one, Anytime.

These are casual conversations with either a professional sheet user, or a sheet lover. Yes you can merely love sheets and we can talk. It's a wide ranging podcast to showcase all sorts of colorful people and their sheets.

How to be a guest, we just find a time, jump on a zoom call, and talk about spreadsheets. No preperation needed. This is great for those who might not know what to write about but they do want to share something about sheets.

Email the above email to submit a guest post but use the subject: "Sheet Talking" and I'll know you're asking about Sheet Talking, the podcast.

See past Episodes of Sheet Talking here:

Sheet Talking Podcast

Editorial Review and Publication

Every guest post on Better Sheets will be read by me, Andrew, who runs Better Sheets. Not all submissions will be accepted and I reserve the right to make any edits or revisions before publishing and also after publishing. If there's an error, or a mistake that's found by a member and they bring it to my attention, I'll edit that mistake.

Go Forth and Let's make better Google Sheets!

If you've scrolled to the bottom to find an email address, I've explained how to submit a guest post... above. Go find it!

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