The Best Alternative to Google Sheets is Google Sheets

If you find yourself frustrated with Google Sheets, it is likely due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the software's features and functions.

The Best Alternative to Google Sheets is Google Sheets

Are you tired of using Google sheets?

The best Google Sheet alternative might just be Google Sheets itself.

What I mean by that is that you just need to learn how to use Google Sheets better. Google Sheets has infinite possibilities.

You don't need Zoho sheet.
You don't need Microsoft Excel.
You don't need Smartsheet.
You don't need Airtable.
You don't need Coda.
You don't need Rows.

What you need is more confidence in Google Sheets.

Whether you're doing project management, or trip budgeting, or bookkeeping, or creating an info product you want to sell. Google Sheets is there for you.

Your workflow can be collaborative, cloud-based, and you should be comfortable. Not tired. Not weary. Not frustrated with your spreadsheet software of choice. Your choice is your choice. You get to choose to stay with Google sheets, and add to your knowledge. Or switch and start all over again knowing nothing.

Google Sheets is Awesome

Google Sheets can do anything.

Nothing is like Google Sheets.

Share with anyone or no-one.

Calculate in real-time.

Productivity at your finger tips

You can collaborate, calculate, and locate (find) anything you're looking for. As long as you know which formula to use. Filter() is a useful one to learn.

Google Sheets is limitless.*

*Except for the 10,000,000 cell limit.

Businesses of all sizes use Google Sheets. Sometimes they use Google Sheets for everything. EVERYTHING.

You are awesome. Google Sheets is awesome-er.

Google Sheets can be used as a database, as a presentation source, as tables, as charts, as a marketplace, as a community center, as a bookkeeping software, as an accounting database, as a twitter writing center, as a newsletter command center...

So then, what's the problem with Google Sheets?

Google Sheets Can Do Anything

If you got Google Sheets Depression. You scream "Not another Google Sheet" then you got to look deep into your soul and discover the real problem.

If your Google Sheets have bad data, you need to add more Data Validation, dropdowns and Dropdown Chips are great for this.

If you can't read your data well, then you need to use a different font, different font size, different font color.

If your Google Sheets are ugly, you need to design better tables, charts, diagrams.

The Real Problem with Google Sheets

I'll say it once and I'll keep repeating it. You are the problem with your Google Sheets.

Google Sheets isn't the problem. You are.

Learn to make better Google Sheets at

Start with better Google Sheets at

Automate your Google Sheets with Spreadsheet Automation 101 (on Udemy)

What to Learn to Leverage Google Sheets

  1. Data Validation
  2. Formulas → Learn all of them at
  3. Apps Script → Learn to Code in Google Sheets
  4. Automations  → Spreadsheet Automation 101

You Don't Need Alternatives to Google Sheets

You need better Google Sheets.

When You Learn More You are More Productive

By golly, if you knew more about Google Sheets, and the use-cases for all the features and functions, you could absolutely be more productive. You could not only be more productive but also have less stress in your life.

Google Sheets is the free-est bestest spreadsheet application ever.

Nothing comes close.

Nothing is better than Google Sheets.

If you're on a quest for alternatives, I bet you are willing to get better.

1.5 Billion Users

Google Sheets has become the best, most-used, spreadsheet software for a reason.

You can truly walk into almost any business and someone is using Google Sheets. You'll never be out of a job if you know Google Sheets. You'll never be out of work.

You'll be able to get raises quicker.

You'll be able to get promotions.

Getting better at Google Sheets means you can manage your own time, your own tasks, your work better.

That means you can manage others better.

No matter if you want to be the top individual contributor at your company or lead a team. It's essential to be able to manage a Google Sheet effectively.

You'll be called upon to share spreadsheets, even if you're an intern. Even if you're a virtual assistant. You'll need to learn Google Sheets eventually

Start now:

You're going to be using Spreadsheets for years

So why not take a little time and energy now to learn more?

Dive deeper into what's available. Find out how to code. Even if you don't code yourself you'll be able to hire and get someone to code and know what they are doing.

Learn to Code in Google Sheets  is a 38 minute quick overview of coding in sheets. Sending emails and automating processes.

Spreadsheet Automation 101 starts you off at 0 and takes you to spreadsheet hero.

Free Google Sheets

Free Google Sheets Trackers, Templates, and Tools

Get free Templates, Trackers, and Ideas at

Or learn completely free to make better spreadsheets online on YouTube at