Make $3,000 a Month with Google Sheets

How to make $3,000 a month. No coding, no consulting. We're gonna make a business and we're gonna do it all in Google sheets.

Make $3,000 a Month with Google Sheets

10 Ideas to get you started with a business.

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Thank you so much for watching this video. I'm so excited to share it with you. It actually started as a tweet. If you can imagine that Josh Pigford tweeted, he asked for  ideas on starting business. That'll get you $3,000 a month with no coding and no consulting. And I came up with these 10 ideas that you can do exclusively in Google sheets

and. Other apps that I mention along the way. if you like any of these ideas,  comment in the description, which idea you want to execute. And I might actually make a sheet for you.

I got two places for you to get more ideas. One, follow me on Twitter @Kamphey. And two, if you like these 10 ideas, you might like a hundred ideas.  100 business ideas that you can execute with Gumroad and Google Sheets.

Totally free. Grab it, get it, execute on some cool ideas. Even if you already have a business, these ideas might lead you to great lead magnets. I'll put a link in the description below and please enjoy these 10 ideas.

We're talking about how to make money with Google sheets, how to make $3,000 a month. No coding, no consulting. We're gonna get clients. We're gonna make a business and we're gonna do it all in Google sheets.

That's the overall idea here. We're gonna make $3,000 a month of Google sheets. So let's get started.

Lead Generator

Lead generator. This one I've seen done with air table with Google sheets, with lots of different things CSV files So the idea is you capture leads to a Google sheet. You can do this with a bookmarklet actually very easily in our course Better Sheets.

I share with you how to create a bookmarklet a one line JavaScript function that you put into your Google Chrome. Bookmark bar and you can  capture lots of different websites and leads very easily and how I would sell this. I would sell it. I would sell access via gum road and only sheets. So only sheets dot X YZ.

Check it out. It's a one time purchase script and software that allows you to add people to a Google sheet. Once they've bought something through gum road, I would recommend doing something like a hundred dollars a month for 30 customers. Get you to $3,000 a month.

Newsletter Sponsorship Generator

Next idea is newsletter sponsorship generator.

I would gather leads from marketplaces and cold outreach. Quite literally, I had done this a couple times a few years ago and searching on LinkedIn for topics and potential sponsors is pretty simple free. Then you can gather those leads into a Google sheet. Find some contact information. You can also gather leads from lots of marketplaces.

There's paved there's sponsor gap, lots of different places to get newsletter sponsorships.

I would also gather affiliate deals, which are not necessarily paid up front, but do offer. Incremental revenue over time. And what's interesting about this is you can charge newsletters directly with a simple guarantee, say, Hey, I'll charge you a hundred dollars this month. And if you don't make a hundred dollars,  I'll refund you.

I think a big offer here with lots of guarantees makes it risk free for newsletters to ever work with you. Newsletters, wanna continue writing. That's why sub's pretty big. Cause people just wanna write and then they don't necessarily wanna. To a third party, but if you do it, if you do it as a single person, you're gathering leads, you're gathering you're going to those marketplaces, you're learning what's going on.

You can actually end up being more of a market maker where instead of just finding a newsletter and then going and finding the sponsors, if you're gathering sponsors that are like, Hey, I see these sponsors all the time. This kind of like technology or. Education group. I don't, I don't know any newsletters that those sponsors can sponsor go out and find the newsletters  go out and find the actual newsletters that.

Will get those sponsors and then you can become the market maker here. These marketplaces are prevalent. There's a few out there. There's also lots of gathering of data with sponsor gap in particular. So I think there's some  fun, interesting things that a single person could curate very well here in a Google sheet.

And you don't necessarily need to offer a low  price here. You don't need a lot of customers, right? 30 newsletters, and you might even wanna do like half of that rights charge, $200 a month do deals for them that are in the 800 to $2,000 a month. Mark. And you're gonna be doing pretty well for them.

And you're gonna have a guaranteed income, right.

LinkedIn Ghost Writer

LinkedIn ghost writer, just read every blog, listen to every podcast, interview your client each month. What I mean by this is you are offering your service to a single individual. Someone who might be a CEO VP. I would particularly look for people who are trying to move.

Up in their career who might already be posting a little bit. If, if they're posting inconsistently, help them post consistently. If they're posting once a week, help them post once a day help them move to the next level of their career. If they have lots of different podcast interviews, let's say you take those podcast interviews and make them into LinkedIn.

I would charge a sizeable amount here, $500 a month to someone who's making minimum 5k a month and looking to, double or triple their salary over the next two or three years, they're gonna be adding an extra 60 K to their, their salary. Next year, I would offer this kind of service for $500 a month.

You only need six clients to get to $3,000 a month. You could also.  if you don't necessarily want to write directly for someone  you don't wanna put words into their mouth that you don't know, you can also rework rewrite or curate their past work. You don't necessarily have to write original content for them.

They might have lots of different posts and you just rewrite it, rework it, reformat it take their tweets, make 'em into the better LinkedIn post vice versa

Podcast Booker

podcast. Booker. If you not necessarily want to write original content for someone, but you do have some good contexts. You have a good network of people who are trying to get the word out about their business or about themselves.

Increase their career. Try to book them on podcasts. You only need to get someone on a podcast twice a month for this to be lucrative for them. You can search through a program called Rephonic to find podcasts. You can find them by topic key. Audience distribution audience type. You can pick podcasts that are relevant to your clients.

Then do the actual creative work of pitching them as guests. There's also a great product. I like I  put in the description below called boots shop or press directory. It's  over a hundred podcasts that has been curating just for bootstraps or entrepreneurs or founders.

RONIC is for every podcast. . So if you want a little bit of curation boost, I'll put that those links in the description, I would charge something around $250 a month. Again, you're, you're charging someone who is making more than $5,000 a month or more than $10,000 a month. In some cases, if they're VP or, or C level and you  need to get them to podcasts a month for that kind of work.

Industry Map Creator

This one's a pretty fun industry map creator. I personally created creator scape, which was a map of all of the apps and businesses online that could help creators make money. I created this originally in Google sheets and then hired actually, no, I didn't even hire a designer. I made the map myself, but you might not have design aspirations.

You might not be able to design a. A map. So you can do this all in a Google sheet, you can curate an entire industry into a Google sheet with categories, with websites, with logos, you can hire designer and make an infographic map. I would charge something around $1,000 for this for even just four clients.

How do you get the 3000 while I would also pay the designer,  $250 to take the Google sheet information and put it into a nice infographic. You can do this four times a month and you're making $3,000.  how do you find people like this? Well, you find people who are posting regularly on, on Twitter or LinkedIn about a certain single industry, and you start doing the curation for them.

If someone has already talked about or discussed many different businesses, they link to them in their tweets. They link to them in their LinkedIn posts. Gather those up into a single Google sheet and then share that with that person that is an ultimate pitch. It might take around one to two hours per person, but if you do 10 of these in a week and then pitch them and say, Hey, I gather all of the websites you've talked about in this particular industry, I've categorized them.

And I'm willing to go in and put another 20 hours of work into this to find other businesses that do. That is a great pitch. You would be getting people throwing money at you, getting you sure let's do a test, you know, for 200 bucks, can you work the next week and add, you know, a hundred websites to this?

Oh my God. The, you Al already have the, the logo in there Better Sheets members know how to put logos on websites into. Google sheets. If you are not yet a member of Better Sheets, go to, check it out. You can create an industry map in almost no time with the bookmarklet to gather websites directly into your sheet.

Two, you can create a link that adds a logo of that website directly to the Google sheet. So you can create an amazing pitch for potential clients.

Twitter Ghostwriter

All right. Next up Twitter ghost writer for $300 a month to about 10 clients with using just Google sheets. You can write a hundred tweets a month for 10 people. It's about a thousand tweets a month, that's like 30 to 40 a day and you can package them up into a nice. Google sheet that allows them to tweet directly from the sheet. I've created You can go check out as well to see other examples, but is a sheet you can buy that has 100 formats templates in which you can write the actual tweet, right.

In a Google sheet. And you can click one click gets that tweet directly into Twitter. So if you take this kind of. You take the formats, write them out for someone and then give them that sheet to actually tweet on their own. Then you can be charging $300 a month for something like 10 clients.

B2B Influencer Manager

If the kinds of people you are looking to work with are businesses more than individuals. You might need to get the word out about their business. And one way you can do this is to manage influencers or be an influencer manager for a business, gather potential influencers, across many social platforms, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, , gather potential influencers for that business, gather their data, get the follower account, get some engagement counts, figure out prices, literally email and say, Hey, what's your.

What would you do to sponsor this business? You can be doing this for around eight clients a month. Pretty regularly. You can be charging $500 a month, manage the influencers, manage the creative, to go out and actually engage them and also manage the data. What you could do is as you gather more and more influencers for each business, then you can go and pitch other businesses and say, Hey, I have a list of 2000 potential.

Influencers. Who've already been sponsored by X, Y, or Z. I'm already in contact with them. I can get your business to be talked about by these, you know, minimum 10 influencers per week or per month for $500 a month, that pitch becomes better and better. The more influencers you gather into a single sheet, you can gather all the influencers into a single sheet, compare their rates, compare their numbers, get the right fit.

And then the businesses will get just the information that's just for them.

Coffee Chat Curator

Next idea, coffee chat curator. If you are trying to work with businesses, but you don't wanna do any marketing, you don't wanna do any kind of promotion and you don't wanna do any searching.  A company has more than 20 people and they're all remote.

They're all doing their own thing. They're all different kinds of people . Consider that individually, they don't have the time  to  engage with every single other person at the company. But internal employees talking to each other provides two things.

One, it provides engagement within the company, internal engagement amongst employees, but two, it offers the chance for ideas to stick and come together and collabo.  so for 500 bucks a month for a company that has over 20 employees, what you could do is you could individually interview every single one of those employees over the course of say, 20 days.

If it's 20 people can do one a day and then match individuals up with each other  just a little bit of overlap, get them talking points and then get feedback. After each coffee chat, you do this two times a month. For each employee, maybe three times every six weeks charge, 500 bucks. And you can do that for eight clients.

SaaS Tester

All right. Next up SaaS tester. Now what this is, is a person who will.  actually try out or trial a few different SaaS products in a certain category for a company that's interested in buying one of those. You can do this with five minute loom videos. That's free. You can gather all of the data into a Google sheet.

You're saving their employees time. Here's a few categories you might consider. Try out CRMs. What kind of CRMs would a company be looking at? If they don't have a CRM, maybe they're using Google sheets as a CRM wing wing. Maybe they're looking for a SaaS product that does 10 X better get their needs. Say how many employees do you have?

How much time do they use? Are they doing inbound sales, outbound sales go find 30 CRMs that match.  with what they need. Do a five minute loom of onboarding for each of those. Do the trials, go talk to the companies, ask their support. , how quickly does their support reply? How much is it put that all in a spreadsheet for  your client?

Here's the three ideas. One is CRMs. One is email marketing. If somebody has an email list, say they have multiple kinds of emails. Like their customer lists, they have a subs stack, or they have some other like email system. What do they do to get to the email marking? How do they gather that all up?

Startup Directory Lister

Directory Lister. All right. What if you're looking to work with startups and you don't know how to work with startups and you wanna make $3,000 a month and you wanna work with startup. One of the biggest problems with startups is just getting known, getting known to other startups. And there's directories that offer a list of all of these startups, with categories, with what they do, what they're good at.

And people find that this increases back links. This increases traffic. This is great for early startups or early businesses. If you're on indie hackers, you can go find indie hackers who will have none of their businesses listed. Go list them. Charge something like a hundred bucks  for one month list, a hundred different startup lists.

There's probably more than a hundred and go and do the actual physical work of filling in the information about that startup on all of the directories. What you could do as well is in a Google sheet, gather up all the information you have about that one client, and ask all the questions you need and then just copy paste into each of the startup list.

This is gold because you're mining just time, right? If you have the time and you wanna work with startups, you can do this idea and you can do it for 30 startups a month, one a day for a hundred bucks up each one. , you can also add a little bit of an on add on service for either 20 bucks a month or 50 bucks a month and , say, Hey, in the future, if there's any more directories or startup lists that are created, I will go and automatically fill your information out on that one.

So keep a list of add-on businesses that are like, Hey you for an extra 10 bucks a month afterwards, you can keep adding them when you find them. This is like a no brainer for startups, a who have funding or B indie hackers who have like a thousand to $2,000 a month who wanna get more well known and more like B2B or enterprise sales.

So that was making $3,000 a month with Google sheets. You can do all of those ideas in Google sheets. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out sign up as a free member today, you can get access to 60 plus videos. If you sign up as a lifetime member today, you will get access to over 180 video.

Plus products like only sheets you'll get for free as a lifetime member. You'll also get a hundred Twitter templates for free as a lifetime member. The sheet that tweets that is 100 Twitter templates.

I hope you can make $3,000 a month with Google sheets. No coding, no consulting.

Have a great day