How to Say "I Do Google Sheets"

We do spreadsheets. That's what we do. We use Google Sheets for everything. So how on earth are we to get across all of the nuance and power that we hold at our finger tips?

How to Say "I Do Google Sheets"
What's in a name? That which we call a Google Sheet
By any other name would be as sweet;
- Juliet to Romeo in 2023's rendition of Romeo: The Google Sheet Guy

Any way you say it, we do spreadsheets. That's what we do. We use Google Sheets for everything. So how on earth are we to get across all of the nuance and power that we hold at our finger tips?

When introduced at meetings or networking events I end up saying "I do Google Sheets" which usually gets a bit of a smirk, a smug look of "well I know what a Google Sheet is, but what do you mean by that exactly?"

And only recently have I started to share that "I make Google Sheets better" but that doesn't really get across... well.. anything, either.

I came up with 50 creative phrases to highlight your Google Sheets expertise. No matter how much or how little you know, there's always a more clever, more interesting, more business-oriented way to say it.

I'll share with you 50 ways to professionally Write "I Do Google Sheets" on a resume or LinkedIn. Skip the intro and go to straight to the list → HERE

Simply including the fact that you can use Google Sheets on a resume might not make you stand out. But saying that you do google sheets without saying "Google Sheets" can make you stand out from the crowd.

The crowd of people applying for the same job.

Highlight Relevancy

Make sure that your experience is relevant to the job, the position. Be clear that you can help the company further their goals. Doing so makes you an excellent candidate for the job.

No matter the business, it's using spreadsheet technology. Don't let the fact that a business might use Excel and you know Google Sheets keep you from getting that job.

Making sure you highlight the relevancy of your skills to the job opportunity will make you an absolutely star in the eyes of the hiring professionals.

Shine a bright light on the fact that you'll help the business.

Google Sheets and Spreadsheets are Job Requirements

If the job description explicitly mentions the need for proficiency in Google Sheets or spreadsheet skills, then including it on the resume can demonstrate you, the candidate, posses the required skills and qualifications. And making sure that you can use Google Sheets will put you over the top.

Relevant experience: If you, the candidate, have used Google Sheets extensively in your previous roles or projects. Watch out HR!  But add to that, that you have the skills  relevant to the job you are applying for! OH MY LORD. You're a shoe-in.

Not just mentioning it on the resume, but highlighting your experience and expertise in using spreadsheet software for data analysis, reporting, or other relevant tasks can make sure you're getting that call-back. Get that 2nd interview. Or get past the first round of interviews and straight shot into the VP's office for the final hiring round.

Industry or role-specific skills

In certain industries or roles, such as finance, accounting, data analysis, or business operations, proficiency in spreadsheet software like Google Sheets may be considered a core competency. Including it on your resume can showcase your proficiency in using spreadsheets in your field.

Demonstrate technical aptitude

Mentioning Google Sheets, and how you use it, on a resume can also demonstrate your technical aptitude. Make sure you show your ability to work with data and information in a structured and organized manner. This can be relevant for positions that require data management, reporting, or analysis skills.

Stand out from other candidates

In a competitive job market, mentioning Google Sheets on a resume can help a candidate stand out from other applicants by showcasing additional skills and expertise in using a widely used spreadsheet software. But don't mention it like everyone else does. Everyone is going to include the keyword "Google Sheets" in the resume somewhere. Making it more interesting makes sure you stand out.

Tailor Your Resume

It's important to tailor your resume to the specific job requirements and highlight relevant skills and experiences that align with the job. Including Google Sheets (or any other software) on a resume should be done truthfully and with the intention of showcasing relevant skills and qualifications for the job being applied for. It'll be just between you and me that these ways to say "I do Google Sheets" are more truthier than true!

50 Ways To Say

I do Google Sheets

  If you can do Data Entry:

  1. Experience using cloud-based collaborative data management software.
  2. Seamlessly navigate and wield the full potential of a web-based database.
  3. Demonstrated ability to seamlessly navigate large data systems.
  4. Experience in updating massive online data infrastructures.
  5. Proficient in the utilization of collaborative spreadsheet software
  6. Skilled in harnessing collaborative cloud-based spreadsheet tool.
  7. Streamline data management.
  8. Create robust data infrastructures optimized via web hosted technology.
  9. Drive strategic business outcomes through evidence-based analysis and reporting.

    If you can edit cells in a Google Sheet:
  10. Experienced in utilizing modern cloud-based tools for dynamic data manipulation.
  11. Consistently contribute to improved decision-making.
  12. Skilled in using modern software systems to create compelling data-driven solutions.
  13. Continually streamline data-processing workflows.

    If you can do basic math formulas in a Google Sheet:
  14. Leverage modern cloud-based spreadsheet tools.
  15. Empower my teammates to use evidence-based decision-making.
  16. Drive informed decision-making via collaborative online software.
  17. Leverage advanced software systems for optimized business outcomes.
  18. Efficient electronic solutions to problems commonly solved with a calculator, a pencil, and a sheet of paper.
  19. Leverage feature-rich software to generate strategic planning.

    If you can use AVERAGE(), MIN(), MAX() formulas:
  20. Use modern software systems to craft captivating data-driven solutions.
  21. Deliver efficient and effective solutions for data analysis.
  22. Create dynamic and effective solutions for data-driven decision making.
  23. Build insightful solutions from curated data.
  24. Develop insightful solutions from carefully curated data.

    If you can use the FILTER() Formula:
  25. Manipulate data, create dynamic spreadsheets, and derive actionable insights.
  26. Streamline data analysis with online collaborative software.
  27. Harness curated data inside of collaborative cloud-based spreadsheet tools for streamlined data management.
  28. Generate easy-to-read impactful reports for informed decision-making.
  29. Expertise in web-based collaborative software for data management.
  30. Experienced with cutting-edge cloud-based collaborative data management software.

    If you can use the VLOOKUP() or INDEX()/MATCH() Formulas
  31. Extensive experience in organizing large-scale online data infrastructures.
  32. Craft improved progress reports culled from vast amounts of empirical data.
  33. Generate actionable insights for strategic business planning and performance optimization.
  34. Generate efficient solutions for data-driven decision-making.

    If you can add checkboxes to a Google Sheet:
  35. Employ goal-oriented systems to optimize business processes.
  36. Develop workflows for data-driven decision making.
  37. Experienced in enhancing organizational efficiency.
  38. Implement efficient processes to streamline data management, enhancing productivity and accuracy.
  39. Achieve results through the strategic use of goal-oriented systems.

    If you can make a Progress Bar with SPARKLINE()
  40. Utilize cutting-edge cloud-based spreadsheet tools to measure progress.
  41. Facilitate informed decision-making through collaborative online software to drive strategic outcomes.
  42. Employ innovative approaches to data-driven decision-making using modern tools.
  43. Skilled in crafting data-driven solutions using advanced collaborative software systems.
  44. Facilitate informed decision-making through collaborative online software.

    If you can make charts:
  45. Build visually appealing visualizations for data-driven decision-making
  46. Create dynamic visualizations using modern feature-rich software.
  47. Develop interactive visual representations of complex data.
  48. Craft informative data visualizations that facilitate strategic insights.

    If you can create dashboards:
  49. Convey data trends, patterns, and correlations in a visually compelling manner.
  50. Transform raw data into actionable insights, facilitating informed decision-making at all organizational levels.
  51. Generate interactive dashboards with dynamic charts to provide real-time insights.

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