10 Ways to Promote Your Google Sheet

Discover 10 unique ways to sell and promote your Google Sheet! This blog offers free tools, templates, and tutorials to expand your network and boost your sales.

10 Ways to Promote Your Google Sheet

You've made something, in a google sheet.

• a resources list
• a checklist
• a template
• a tool
• anything

Now you want to promote it - market it - share it.

I'm sure you've already thought through a truck load of places that your target audience already spends time at. You've exhausted your list of places to share this sheet with your own community.

If you're selling a sheet, you've thought of running facebook ads, google ads, carbon ads.

You've tweeted, posted on facebook, emailed your email list.

You've even told your Mom and Dad on the family's weeking zoom call.

Now, You're looking for more.

You're looking to expand your network. Bring new blood into what you're doing. You want more sales of your sheet. You want to get more subscribers you can send more google sheets to later.

Here are 10 sites you can post about your google sheet. Promote your google sheet. Get it out into the great unknown. Take your sheet to the masses.

  • Sheets Subreddit
    Other sheet geeks will be more than happy to check out your sheet.
  • Spreadsheets Subreddit
    This subreddit on Spreadsheets is for a broader audience but a lovely audience all the same. Discuss, talk, chat about spreadsheets here.
  • GoogleSheets Subreddit
  • I Love Google Sheets
    A facebook group of sheet lovers. People who use google sheets all day every day. A group of users who want to see google sheets do more. Show off your sheet. Note: a loom video of you using your sheet goes a long way here.
  • IndieHackers
    If your sheet is useful for solo founders, hackers, small online businesses, then check out indiehackers. You don't necessarily have to code. Being helpful to those who do code and no-code products will be useful to this audience.
  • Gumroad
    Create a sales page on Gumroad. Even if you're giving away your sheet for free, put it on here. You'll have a hard time giving access a paid sheet but you can use OnlySheets.xyz to enable that.
  • Sheeeets
    A brand new marketplace to sell google sheets. Once you've put up a gumroad sales page, go over here and submit your sheet. This marketplace is for buying sheets so people will be searching it, browsing, intending to buy a sheet.
    Sheeeets.com Sell your sheet
  • Product Hunt
    Yes google sheets can do well on Product Hunt. Post it and see how the community reacts.
  • Sheetlist
    A free list of free spreadsheets.
  • Twitter: Tag me in a tweet about your sheet. Could be a launch, a question, anything. I'll retweet your tweet @kamphey


  • Twitter: If your tweet is helpful to others who are learning how to do more with google sheet, tag BetterSheets. I'll consider retweeting your sheet @BetterSheets

A How To Guide for You

Get the entire guide to selling Google Sheets: gum.co/howtosellsheets

The guide is free for Better Sheets members.

The Guide includes:

A list of sheet types to help you figure out which type of sheet you're selling. And thus help you come up with the unique value propositions to use to make sales possible.

A list of resources to create content around your google sheet. Easy to use video creation, gif creator, ai powered copy sites.

Best Practices for filling out the gumroad sales page so you can make sales in your sleep.

Learn how to price it perfectly so you can sell anytime.

Learn fun ways to promote your sheet. Includes flash sales, reviews, etc.