Why do I want to Email Myself Every Day?

Master the art of using Google Sheets to organize your daily tasks. Learn to create email reminders, track goals, and enhance productivity. Dive in now!

Why do I want to Email Myself Every Day?

After creating an Apps Script to email myself every day from a Google Sheet, someone asked: Why?

Overall I find I can face the day better when I have timed reminders inside my inbox. My deep work is deeper, and almost nothing gets forgotten, when I want to execute it every single day. As long as I have an email in my inbox.

If you're constantly snoozing that one daily to-do list in your inbox. Use this method instead. Create a daily email from a Google Sheet. Delete each day's email as it comes and you complete that specific task. It feels better to face the frustrations of the day head on, instead of snoozing them to another day when you think you'll become a super hero.

Here are some reasons why you might want to email yourself daily:

  • Keep track of daily tasks or habits and receive reminders via email.
  • Monitor financial expenses or income and receive daily summaries or alerts.
  • Receive daily news or weather updates.
  • Practice mindfulness or meditation by receiving daily prompts or exercises via email.
  • Learn a new skill by receiving daily lessons or exercises via email.
  • Learn a new language by getting one new word a day.
  • Receive daily affirmations or positive messages to boost mood and self-confidence.
  • Track progress on a personal or professional project and receive daily updates or reminders.
  • Stay accountable to a goal or resolution by receiving daily prompts or check-ins via email.
  • Receive daily prompts for creative writing or brainstorming exercises.
  • Receive daily recipes or meal ideas for meal planning or inspiration.

Here are one reason why that I've made videos on:

You can email yourself a motivational quote each day, for a little pick me up.

Here's one reason why, that I've built a tool you can buy:

You can email yourself a sales word to include in social media or sales letters.

Sell Daily · Better Sheets
A sheet that helps you sell something every day. 366 powerful sell words. With a button to draft a tweet. And examples to show how to use each word in a sentence.

More Reasons to Email Yourself Daily

  1. Receive daily exercise or workout suggestions or reminders.
  2. track water intake or other health-related habits and receive daily progress updates.
  3. Receive daily inspiration for home decor or DIY projects.
  4. Track daily mood or emotions and receive personalized recommendations or support.
  5. Receive daily book recommendations or reading challenges.
  6. Track daily meditation or yoga practices and receive reminders or guided exercises.
  7. Receive daily language translation exercises, vocabulary quizzes.
  8. Receive daily productivity, work tips.
  9. Receive daily time-management strategies.
  10. Track daily expenses or savings goals and receive progress updates or financial advice.
  11. Receive daily travel recommendations or tips for planning a future trip.
  12. Create a sense of structure or routine in daily life with timed emails to start your day, take a break, and to end your day. Can be great for those who find their minds wandering or those who get easily overwhelmed.

Function Daily, Function Better

Do you ever feel like your days lack structure and organization? Do you struggle to keep track of important tasks and deadlines? If so, you're not alone. Many of us lead busy and hectic lives, juggling multiple responsibilities and priorities. However, one simple yet powerful tool can help you function daily and function better: email reminders.

Advantages of email reminders

Email reminders offer several advantages over other types of reminders. First and foremost, they are incredibly convenient and accessible. You can access your email from anywhere with an internet connection, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go. This means that you can set up reminders and receive them in real-time, without the need for any additional apps or tools.

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