Sheet Styles - A Free Google Sheet Add on by Better Sheets

Control design, optimize workflows, and enhance readability. Transform your Google Sheets experience with free add-on by Better Sheets.

Sheet Styles - A Free Google Sheet Add on by Better Sheets

The point of Better Sheets is to make your life in Google Sheets better. Quite specifically, you should enjoy your time in Google Sheets. You should feel confident. You should feel like you have a control over Google Sheets and that you don't get lost inside of Google Sheets.

I wanted to introduce you to sheet styles by Better Sheets. It's a completely free Google Sheet add-on and it's available right now! You can go download it if you go check out products.

I wanted to introduce this to you because it's a completely free Google Sheets add-on. Go to Extensions --> Sheet Styles --> Show sidebar.

It comes with some presets already. What it does in one click is it will change the background color, the font, and the font color to less contrast immediately.

We also have a few different styles:

Paper style

This is a kind of beige colored paper. It’s almost paper background with Karla font and a bit of a less black text color


This is for those of you who want a sheet that’s a little bit darker, a little bit more brown-gray.

Data Style

If you're looking for a way to see different lines and see the different rows ,we have data management style. It has alternating colors.

Dark Style

And if you're really into the dark mod. we have dark style as well.

Now if you are working in a Google sheet and you're working on this, using Sheet Styles, and you're like “I don't want my boss to see this.” Or you don't want someone else – collaborator, colleague, or co-worker – to work this way. You want to work in your way and they need to work in their way. You can always reset to default and that returns it to Arial font, whitest white background, and the blackest black text.

If you don't like those presets, you can follow the steps below:

  • Click on the “Custom” tab on the right sidebar.
  • Change the font as you wish.
  • Select your background color.
  • Select your font color.
  • Click on the button, “Set Custom Style.”

It also changes it to Karla font because I really like it and it's a much, much better font than Arial, at least in my book.

I hope you use Sheet Styles. It's absolutely free!

Watch the video for this tutorial:

Learn more on how you can improve the look of your Google Sheets:

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