Sell Daily – Unleash the power of language with this game-changing Google Sheets template

Sell Daily – 366 words that sell. Get access to absolutely unique 366 words that will help you sell. No duplicates!

Sell Daily – 366 words that sell

Get access to absolutely unique 366 words that will help you sell. No duplicates!

What is Sell Daily?

Sell Daily is a free Google Sheet template for Better Sheets members. It contains 366 unique words (no duplicates!) that will help you sell. These words can go beyond Twitter. You can use them for email, promotional materials, Facebook ads, and more.

Why should you use it?

You want to write a tweet, write a new Facebook ad, write an email subject line but you just don't have the words to say it. That’s what Sell Daily is here for!

What can it do?

Sell Daily is a Google Sheet template that makes things easier for you because you have 366 words at the tips of your fingers. And these words will help you sell. Pick a word and just start using it.

“It’s the sheet that tweets!”

How do I get started with this Google Sheet template?

Just click on the blue “Click to tweet” links in the first column of the template and get your chosen word in your Twitter account. You can also create your own tweets if you want, set the date, and focus on one exact word everyday. You can also randomize the words. And all it takes is just this one template to make these cool things happen.

This template and its set of words are meant to use one word a day, just to get that promotional muscle going. It’s available in Gumroad for $0 for the members. Download it in Better Sheets today.

Some questions:

Where can I get it?

Simply go to the products page in Better Sheets. (Don’t forget to log in!) Look for “Sell Daily” among the products and click on its link. Then click on the green button, “Buy Now.” It will take you to Gumroad, where you can download Sell Daily. I hope you enjoy it!

Is it free?

Yes. Members get this template absolutely for free.

Can I customize this?

Yes, you can customize the words you want to use for your tweets. You can also customize the dates. You can also randomize what words you'll tweet daily. Pretty cool, right? Another cool thing about Sell Daily is that you can set up a daily email to yourself. One word delivered straight to your inbox every day!

How do I save it?

Download it in Gumroad. You'll be asked to provide your email address to get it. When you've successfully checked out the item, click on the "View Content" button and you'll have the different options on what to do with Sell Daily, such as copy and preview. I recommend copying the template to your Google Drive.

Can I share it with others?

Yes, Feel free to share the sheet within your organization, business, company. Outside of that, if you feel like someone you know is struggling to promote their work, and they can be benefited by this, then by all means give it to them and let them know where it came from.

How do I get updates?

I send regular updates via Gumroad Posts. These are emails that are tied to your email you used to purchase the product on Gumroad.

Are there limitations?

There are no limitations in creativity! You can use these words in your writing, in your content, in your tweets, in your facebook ads. Lots of possibilities. Maybe even in your wedding invitations.

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