Mastering the Art of Template Creation

Mastering the Art of Template Creation

An Exclusive Interview with Becky, Owner of The Template Nook

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In our latest edition of "Sheet Talking," we dove deep into the world of templates and organization with Becky, the owner of The Template Nook. Becky's unique approach to template creation and her dual business ventures, The Template Nook and The Organized CEO, offer valuable insights for anyone looking to streamline their processes and enhance their productivity. Join us as we explore the journey and strategies that have made Becky a leader in her field.

The Genesis of The Template Nook and The Organized CEO

Interviewer: "Thank you, Becky, for joining me on Sheet Talking. Our businesses are super complementary. You are running The Template Nook and The Organized CEO. You offer a membership as well, just like Better Sheets. I offer tutorials and then templates, but then the templates are sort of part of the tutorial. You watch the video and then you can get the sheet. Whereas yours is completely flipped. Can you tell me more about your business models?"

Becky: "Yeah, absolutely. The Organized CEO is how I got started. It's a little more DIY type stuff, like blog posts and checklists. People can sign up for free templates and it's really just about bringing awareness to organization. I don't want to shove it down people's throats because it can seem boring, but there are simple things people can do to stay organized, which bring a lot of benefits. The business started with VIP days, where I help people get organized and solve technical issues. About two years ago, I launched The Template Nook because I love creating templates. It started as a fun project where I committed to making a new template every week. Now, we have over 70 templates available in the membership."

The Joy and Challenges of Template Creation

Interviewer: "That's impressive, reaching nearly 80 templates. It sounds like you had a clear goal from the start. How do you maintain that level of creative output?"

Becky: "When I initially started, my business mentor questioned if I could keep up with creating a new template each week for years. I mapped out six months of ideas and it wasn’t too hard. Now, with tools like ChatGPT, I can even ask for template ideas. Plus, we have a request feature where members can suggest templates they want, which has provided some unique and valuable ideas."

Engaging and Assisting Members

Interviewer: "You've mentioned using ChatGPT for ideas and member requests. What's one of the more unexpected yet useful templates requested by a member?"

Becky: "One surprising request was for a hiring form/database built in Airtable. It allows people to post job opportunities on platforms like Facebook and process applications through a form that generates a database. I never thought recruiters would use our templates this way, but it's a much more affordable option for small businesses and solopreneurs than expensive recruiting software."

Balancing Two Complementary Businesses

Interviewer: "Your work with The Organized CEO seems to feed into The Template Nook. How do you balance both ventures and ensure they complement each other rather than compete?"

Becky: "I tried to make them cohesive with similar branding. While The Organized CEO focuses on DIY content and blogging, The Template Nook offers those looking for advanced solutions a membership with extensive templates. Cross-linking between the two sites has been beneficial. Blog readers on The Organized CEO can easily find links to The Template Nook if they need templates, keeping both audiences engaged without them feeling overwhelmed or forced into a purchase."

The Future of Templates

Interviewer: "With such a successful model, what’s next for you and your businesses? Are there any new tools or directions you’re exploring?"

Becky: "Notion templates are next on the list, and I’m excited about it. I’m always looking to expand and adapt to new tools popular in the productivity space. Also, I'm exploring ways to collaborate with other experts who can contribute their specialized knowledge, making our templates even more valuable."

Power of passion

Becky’s journey with The Template Nook and The Organized CEO showcases the power of passion and strategic planning in business. Her dedication to providing actionable, organized solutions through templates and DIY content has proven invaluable to many entrepreneurs. Whether you're halfway organized or seek a structured approach to enhance your productivity, Becky's insights might be the game changer you need.

For more on Becky’s work, be sure to visit The Template Nook and The Organized CEO.