You Can Build a Business with just a Google sheet!

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You Can Build a Business with just a Google sheet!
Photo by John Schnobrich / Unsplash

I've written before, that you can launch a business with a google sheet, here and on

Now I'm talking about the Pre-MVP.

Before you have a business.

Launch a google sheet.

When you have an idea.

Launch a google sheet.

Some Crazy Ideas

Release Your Swipe File

Capture 100 examples of great work in your industry. You did all the work already. Go ahead release it. Share your POV. Share what you've learned, your notes. Your insights.

  • 100 Email Templates
  • 100 Landing Pages
  • 100 Best Facebook Ads

Release a Calculator

Create a calculator in a google sheet. A marketer can code a google sheet while the technical team can keep building the core product.

  • Podcast Ad Calculator
  • Financial Model Calculators
  • Calculate How much your users can make from using your product.

Create a Marketplace

Don't got time to code? No time to source more than a few sellers and buyers? Launch a google sheet for them to find each other. If your business is a marketplace, You might think this cannibalizing your product. But if your marketplace is worth it's price, it'll be 10x better than a google sheet. And this google sheet will get your users started right now.

You can copy the one I made.

And, Here's how I made it.

Speaking of Google Sheets, I show you how to do all this and more in google sheets: Better Sheets.

And as of right now Better Sheets is featured on AppSumo.