I Made an Escape Room in Google Sheets to Learn Shortcuts

I Made an Escape Room in Google Sheets to Learn Shortcuts

I made an escape game, in a Google Sheet. It teaches 3 Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts that you can use to literally escape spreadsheet hell.

  1. Discover how to navigate around a spreadsheet quickly with your keyboard.
  2. Discover how to reveal underlying formulas hiding within the cells.
  3. Learn how to wield a powerful un-formatting keystroke to reveal the natural born format of cells.

Escape Spreadsheet Hell: Master Keyboard Shortcuts with This Engaging Mini Game

In today's digital era, efficiency is the key to productivity. And what better way to boost your efficiency than mastering keyboard shortcuts? Introducing "Escape Spreadsheet Hell," a unique mini game designed to teach you three essential keyboard shortcuts in a fun and engaging way.

Unlock the Secrets of Speedy Spreadsheet Navigation

Navigating through spreadsheets can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with large amounts of data. But fear not! "Escape Spreadsheet Hell" transforms this mundane task into an exciting adventure. By playing this game, you'll learn how to move around a spreadsheet quickly and effortlessly using just your keyboard.

Discover Hidden Formulas with Ease

Ever felt lost trying to understand the complex formulas in your spreadsheet? Our game teaches you how to reveal these underlying formulas with simple keystrokes. This knowledge not only saves time but also deepens your understanding of how your data is processed.

Unleash the Power of Formatting Shortcuts

Formatting can make or break the readability of your data. "Escape Spreadsheet Hell" introduces you to powerful unformatting keystrokes that reveal the true, natural format of your spreadsheet cells. This skill is invaluable in maintaining the integrity and clarity of your data.

Embark on a Thrilling Journey Through Spreadsheet Challenges

The game is more than just an educational tool; it's an adventure. You'll navigate through the metaphorical hell of spreadsheets, facing challenges and solving puzzles that require the use of your newfound keyboard shortcut skills.

Accessible and Free for All

What's more, this game is completely free! It's an inclusive tool, designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level. As a member of the Better Sheet community, you get early access, but the game is open to all today.

A Fun Way to Learn and Improve

Even if you watch a tutorial video on the game and then play it, you'll find that the act of using the keyboard shortcuts yourself is what truly ingrains the skills. The game is designed to be replayable, ensuring that you can practice until you master these shortcuts.

Conclusion: A Game Changer for Spreadsheet Users

"Escape Spreadsheet Hell" is not just a game; it's a skill-building tool that promises to change the way you interact with spreadsheets. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, this game is sure to add valuable skills to your toolkit, making you more proficient and efficient in your daily tasks.

Watch the escape game's walkthrough


Hello. I'm so excited to share with you. Escape Spreadsheet Hell. This is a game I just created. It's three levels. It's a very mini game to teach you exactly three keyboard shortcuts. It is free for everyone as members of better sheet members. Get to see it first. And free, but everybody gets it free today.

This is a fun game. Very little game. Just to teach you three keyboard shortcuts. I'm gonna share in this video, the entire game. So if you wanna play, just go in the description to the link, go to gum road. Pay $0. It is $0 to get you can name a fair price is $0 and click. I want this and enter if you dare, if you escape spreadsheet hill, this is what you're gonna come out with.

You're gonna learn. You're gonna discover how to navigate around a spreadsheet quickly with your keyboard. You're gonna discover how to reveal underlying formulas hiding within the cells. And you're gonna learn how to wield powerful UN formatting key stroke to reveal the natural. Born format of cells.

So come with me. As we endeavor into spreadsheet, hell and out, we're gonna escape. We're definitely gonna escape. But spoiler alert as you're watching this video, I am going to go through the entire thing. So stop the video. Now, pause the video. Now go play for yourself. And actually, I think it's pretty fun.

Even if you do watch this entire video and go back and play it, I think you'll get something out of it. Cuz it's, it's the action of doing the key strokes that are gonna get you out of spreadsheet. Hell. All right. If you click zero, I want this. You're gonna get here. This is inside of gum road. And all we have to do is go to this spreadsheet.

So we don't need edit access. You'll see, there is one little thing we do, and you'll see that as we go in. But let's stop preparing you. Let's let's get in there. Let's go deep down into spreadsheet. Hell and. all right. We are in a spreadsheet. You pour unfortunate soul. You have entered spreadsheet, held the demons.

Here are plenty foul creatures of bad habits and ignorance. You can defeat them by wielding your keyboard. Find the diamond. It is the way out. Ooh, here's a bunch of diamonds, but these are black diamonds. We do not need these. All right. First we must find the diamond in a blink abyss of a sheet. Arrows lead our way journey fourth and go where they.

Nothing but folly in our past only pure, pristine time saving goodness, lay ahead. Because if we merely held down the arrow key to go where we're going, we'd waste precious time. It is so slow. So click and rest your cursor on a two, go to your keyboard, hold down the command key and the arrow on the keyboard that you're.

So if you're on an arrow, go that way in your, on your keyboard. If you encounter an angled arrow first go down one row and then hold down command and the arrow key in that direction. Cool. So we have We have our rules. We have how we're gonna get outta here. So we start on a two, we have this green arrow, it is pointing to the right, so I'm gonna hold down command and I'm gonna hit the right arrow key.

Okay. My cursor, my selection went to C two. I'm gonna hit down then left and command. And now we got to an angled arrow. So we go down one row and we have to go to the right and we just keep going. Keep going. we got another, oh, I gotta move my face a little bit. We got to another angled one. So we go down one row and to the left.

All right. We're going to the left. And now we got to a E five AE. There's a lot of columns in here. Go down my God. Did you see that? We're on road 19,000. Oh my God. That was fast. I, if, if we had held down the down arrow, we would've got taken us minutes to get there. All right. Now we got we're on a right arrow.

So we hold down command and go to the right we're on a right arrow. Hold down, command, go to the right. Go up. We're going up, up, up. And we got to another angled. One, go down one to the. there's a, there's a diamond. That's not the diamond we're looking for. Okay. Keep going down. All right. To the right. Okay.

My cursor is over here to the right. It's gotta go up then right then down, down my God. We're 19,000 row. Geez. And we go up. Now we go down and to the right and we found the diamond. We have escape. Okay. We haven't escaped it. We gotta click on the diamond. Click on the diamond. There is an escape. Let's go level two.

We, we got out great. You have a new tool in your tool belt. I see you've escaped the first level, but can you escape this particular spreadsheet? Hell, find the door to lead you out. Oh, these are all door. These are all door emojis, and they're all going to Google. It's all hyperlinks. You don't have to click on every single door to see the link.

Each door is a hyperlink formula. You can reveal what's behind the door by holding control and then pressing the squiggly. That's the, I think the tilt to hit. What is that control and tilt and there's, there's the hyperlink. Wow. So now we see these are all Google. So now what do we. There is another way.

See the hint. So if we, if you get , if you can't find it, go just scrolling through here, there there's some arrows. There it is. So there it there's the answer. Oh, there's the door. But if you can't go through here, let's go through the hint. I wanna show you the hint cause it's pretty cool. So we go to the hint, we go press command F find in the sheet, oh, this is gonna be in a different language than you're you.

But if you do this. You also find that you can search within formulas, which is a little bonus lesson. You get there. All right. I won't, I won't do that here. We found, we found these arrows in these doors. If we scroll down, scroll down, there it is. There's our link. And there we can escape two level, three exciting stuff.

Where has everything gone? No grid lines, no text, no background. Is this spreadsheet. Hell, we're almost out. Just one more. You can do it. We can do it. Everything on the sheet is formatted. Someone made a huge error. Its text is white and the background is white. Oh my God. Oh no, but that's not the original natural formatting of a sheet.

Click the AR area between a and one. Okay. We don't see it yet, but it's B one B here. We gotta click over here, I guess, and select all the cells, then use the keyboard shortcut command and the slash, which is right above the return key on a Mac. You can change all the formatting to its original format and reveal an escape path somewhere in this sheet.

All right. For this one, you have to have edit access. So I've made it so that you can make a copy. So we're gonna make a copy in our Google drive and you can just click this and make a copy. okay. We are going to click here. We're going to make a copy. Now we can make a copy there. Make a copy. Yes. All right.

So you make a copy in your Google drive and then when you go here to a one, now we're gonna hit, was it command and right above the arrow key. Wow. So now everything got unformatted or reformatted back to its original aerial. And we have not a way out. We have some ticks here. Wow. Okay. So we have some texts, not a way out.

How are we gonna find this? This isn't that big of a sheet. This isn't that big, but where not a, what is this? Not a way out. Ugh. I feel like we're in hell right now. This is spreadsheet. This is really spreadsheet. oh, we found it. We just scrolled around for it. There we go. We have now what have we done?

What's next? What's ah, we've escaped. Whoa, there you you've escaped Reggie. Hell. Now we can tweet if you click this button and it's a Twitter intent link. It'll open Twitter. It'll. Let you say you escaped spreadsheet help. If you add me, add, add campy to it and I'll tweet, I'll retweet you I'll, I'll give you kudos for escaping.

I'm so happy. We escaped. Woo. And we learned three new keyboard shortcuts. You get some prizes for escaping. You get all the free stuff. You can become a bread sheets member for free access to over 60 tutorials. If you're watching this on July 27th, you're probably a member. So you've got this for free first.

You got notified of it. First, you can become a paid member and you get everything for free including 200 tutorials. You get every if you become a lifetime member, you get every product for free, every tutorial for free every single tool for free. But here we got free track anything which is a daily tracker.

You can use to track anything and 100 business ideas for free. Click on those $0. Go get 'em on gum road, but now you have the gift of knowledge as well, which is three new keyboard shortcuts. Now, if you're not a member yet better sheets.co. I'm making new content all the time. Updating the content and tools, tips, tricks templates, go check out atomic sheets.com.

That's a free 10 templates for you, actually 30 templates. If you give me your email address, become a better sheets member. Now there's still lifetime deal happening on app Sumo. When I am recording this, I'm so excited that we escaped who you can go play as well on gum. And you can go play and enjoy and learn this keyboard Shortcut. Thanks so much. Have a great one. Bye.