This tip is to give your eyes a rest. If you work in sheets hours each day, the high contrast black and white grid starts to hurt.

Change Font to #222222

A subtle change of the font to #222222 won’t be noticed by most and will help.

Change your font color to #444444 and your eyes will thank you.

Change Cell Color to #fbfbf8

Go one step further, change all the cell colors to #fbfbf8 and you’ll get less contrast.

It’s almost like reading on paper.

Remember Four Things: 4444444, Facebook, Facebook, Fate

That’s all you have to remember to do this in every sheet you’re going to spend time in.

color will be 444444.. .that’s Hashtag, 4 six times.

And the fill color of the cells:

  • Facebook…. FB
  • Facebook….FB
  • and Fate…. f8

Again, for those in the back.

Font Color: #4444444

Fill Color: #fbfbf8

Just remember: 4444444, Facebook, Facebook, Fate

Watch this video to see it in action