Easily Write 1,000 Headlines in Google Sheets

Showing you how to use the new Spintax add-on to write 1,000 headlines from a spinned version of a headline. Get Spintax here: https://spintax.bettersheets.co/

Easily Write 1,000 Headlines in Google Sheets

Showing you how to use the new Spintax add-on to write 1,000 headlines from a spinned version of a headline. Get Spintax here: https://spintax.bettersheets.co/

Easily Write 1,000 Headlines in Google Sheets


(00:00) All right, so you want to make a lot of headlines. We're gonna make a thousand headlines in this video. I'm gonna show you how to do it in incredibly easy ways. Uh, we may use Chet PT a little bit, but I, um, not in the way you might think. Uh, here is what I have so far as I start this video. I have 245, uh, different headlines, but they're not necessarily like, Distinct headlines.

(00:27) What I've done is I'm using Spintax or Spin Syntax, uh, in order to take a headline that I know works. Uh, this is a YouTube video that I made, uh, and I asked Chad, t p t I said, can you turn this into Spintax? And I got this one line with this, uh, sort of curly brackets. I go, which I'll cover, and then I'm using my own, uh, add-on called spin or Spin Tax, uh, to spin this.

(00:51) Um, It's taking each of these elements, picking one, and then creating that headline. Uh, you can use this if, you know, like, oh, I want to create a headline that has, you know, five different, uh, numbers, or 10 numbers or a hundred numbers. Uh, or you can also change certain nouns or verbs or phrases, uh, and get all of the options sort of, uh, Easily very, very, or simply.

(01:19) So, uh, what I've done is I've taken one YouTube video that I made, and I'm gonna do it now with you, but I want to show you how I got to a thousand. Right now I have 245. And what it is, it's just like, you can sort of read it in this lineup here. It's going to select one of the possibilities within this curly brackets and pipes that are separating these words.

(01:41) So the first one might be, Uh, let's actually use something. We'll use spin to get one, uh, example. So if I just use the spin, uh, formula, which is with this extension spin tax, which you can find on goo uh, Google Sheet, add on marketplace for free right now. Uh, so it says, how do I add emojis in my Google sheets? Uh, and that might sound strange, right? But we can, um, get another one.

(02:08) And if we do spin, it's just gonna get a random one. So it'll say, how do I, uh, insert emojis into Google Sheets and it's gonna load a little bit. Let's, whoops. And we have another example. Wow. My. My Google sheet just crashed there. That was fun. How do I insert emojis within Google Sheets? Uh, and we can do this again and again, and we can get a random one, but what I also do is I have spin all, which gives me every single possibility within this and.

(02:43) In order to go from 2 45. So what 2 45 is, is we have three options in each phrase. Here we have how do I, can I, and is it possible to, and then we have insert add. Oh, we have a little space here so we can delete that space. And you can see how long it takes. Takes just a moment to get everything. Insert, add, include is another possibility.

(03:03) Emojis. Emoticons emoji icons. Another possibility. And there are three possibilities here in each one. So this is th So we're gonna get three times, three times, three times, three times, three options. Uh, we can add more. So if we add, say, how do I, can I, maybe we add pipe and then should I, and now we have, we should have 2 45 times.

(03:31) I don't know what that math is. Well, the first one is gonna be four times three times three times three. So now we can add a fourth one. Insert, include add-on. Uh, we have add, we can say, insert. Another word we might use here is uh, maybe just add two. Instead of just add, we might wanna say add two.

(03:49) Oh, it's add two emoji. So we don't want that. Actually, we want. We want something completely different, include emojis. Uh, okay, this is a, this is gonna be a weird word, but append, uh, append emojis, emoji icons. We might wanna edit emoji icons. That might not be a phrase we want to use in this case, but we can use this, you know, we can do this.

(04:10) Uh, and we might wanna add into, within, inside of how do we, how do I. Append emojis inside of Google Sheets. Right? That might, might be a possibility. We'll hit enter and now we have 578, so we really only need like one more option here and we might not, one more, couple more. It might add on the beginning instead of I, we can add, uh, you how, how or how to, uh, we can also ha how can you.

(04:47) Enter here and we'll see that we have now all of these options all the way down to 866 options here. Maybe we want to add something like spreadsheet at the end instead of Google Sheets we might want to have or not in that, in addition to spreadsheet inside of spreadsheet. My spreadsheet. We want to fix this M.

(05:11) That was killing me. That was capital M. My Google Sheets. Google Sheets. My Google Sheets. Google Sheets spreadsheet platform. Google Spreadsheets within Google spreadsheets. My spreadsheet. Let's see how that reads. How can you append? Oh, we have a capital A. All of these are capitalized, so we wanna uncapitalized these here.

(05:32) Want maybe the into within as well to be un lowercase, not uncapitalized. That might read a little bit better. How can you append emoji icons inside of my spreadsheet? Oh, and of course, how can you, in my doesn't really work. Uh, so into a spreadsheet, emoji icons, a Google sheet. Maybe we want to change that to a Google sheet and Google sheets.

(06:00) Have those two options. Google's spreadsheets. There we go. We can edit all those. And now we are editing all of them. Right now we have 1,154. So this is one way to get to a thousand, uh, headlines possibilities, right? Uh, now not all of these, these are all very similar, right? And so you might be looking at this example and being like, I don't really want 1000 similar headlines.

(06:24) So what you might want to do is get like 50 or a hundred. Very different headlines. Um, and I might, I will show you how sort of, I do this whole process here. So I have my, uh, YouTube channel here and I can look at my most popular videos here and I can say, okay, I, this is, how do I insert emojis into Google Sheets was the one that I used here, but there might be some other ones that are like, here, make more money selling Google Sheets.

(06:51) This is probably something that I should have other versions of this, but it could be. Very different versions of very different titles, and each one is a different topic and a different thing. So we'll do this. Uh, I want to chat p t and I want to ask Chachi, pt, can you please change this te text headline into spin syntax? And there we go.

(07:19) So we're gonna see what it comes up with and it's going to give me, A bunch. We can just take this now to parse this, right? Uh, I don't know if Chat J PDD can actually parse it, but we don't want it in chat. J pdd we want it in a Google sheet. So we're gonna create a new tab here. I'm going to paste this here.

(07:39) I'm gonna change the, uh, background cuz I can't stand this white anymore. I'm gonna sh use sheet styles again. My free Google sheet add-on can get, uh, we have boost increase. Let's, uh, make this a little bit bigger. Let's see what they all are. We can spin one or we can spin all and all is not gonna have any duplicates.

(08:01) So if you end up having duplicates in there, spin all will be duplicate for you. Uh, and let's do a one. So skyrocket your income. What does this say? Skyrocket your income, selling Google sheets and generate supplementary cash. Little weird, but here it's says, skyrocket your profits, promoting sheets on, oh my God.

(08:23) Skyrocket. Skyrocket. It's all skyrocketing, right? So this doesn't look very different, right? These different ones. But let's see if we can change this. Um, we just want. Well, we don't want, we don't want skyrocket cuz that means nothing. Right? Boost, increase your earnings, income, profits, selling, marketing, promoting.

(08:46) We just want selling. We don't want selling. And then here we want Google sheets. Or sheets. Uh, we don't need and or, and we don't need that. Uh, boost. Increase your income earning. Profits. Actually, I don't want profit income either. Profits, Google sheet spreadsheets, earn buy, earning, generate, make extra supplementary.

(09:18) I don't like supplementary additional cash or money. Just want money. Oops. And we can edit this down with, we can add some like key words here, right? If you have some key words you're like, oh, I wanna do, um, increase your, maybe we want to add here a keyword, your lawn mowing. Income or profits.

(09:45) Uh, we wanted say house painting, right? Maybe this is where we add a keyword into these different headlines. Let's see what ends up happening. Increase your house painting profits with, uh, we missed a word here. Income profits by creating. And we can even Syntax spintax this Spintax creating, making do a couple Google sheet spreadsheets and we can add a exclamation point, earn extra money when we do that.

(10:25) Increase your house painting profits by making spreadsheets generate additional money, right? So now we have a really customized kind of spin tax here, and we have a ton of different How many we, how many headlines We have? Almost 200 here. Boost your, increase your lawn mowing, and every single possibility, right? Increase your lawn mowing profits by making spreadsheets.

(10:45) Generate additional money. Generate extra money. Make extra money. Uh, Spreadsheets, Google Sheets, right? We have all these different kinds and we can make these much, much more different. We can spend a lot of time, inc. Instead of boost or increase, we can pick one, right? Um, we can say, use this sort of, uh, section here, lawn mowing, house painting.

(11:08) We can add much, much more. So we can keep going here and add more and more kind of, uh, topics here. Babysitting, writing, uh, Uh, house cleaning. And then what we end up with is a lot of headlines that maybe are the same thing, so we can decrease this spin tax as well and say, okay, what is the, oh my god, how many are there? Okay, 769.

(11:34) But we can say, uh, at the beginning that we want distinct different ones, right? 10, uh, or maybe it's 5, 10, 15. 20 ways to, maybe we want very specific different ones to boost, increase your lawn, any of these, and maybe we don't want all of these different ones. Maybe we do want extra or additional, but they aren't really the same word.

(12:04) Right. We just want extra so we can just use that extra. But now we added another one. We de deleted one of them. We have 20 ways to increase your clean profits by making spreadsheets, generate extra money and see they all similar ones. We can make this a little bit different. We have 1500 right now. Uh, but these words are really the same.

(12:28) So what are ways we can make this different instead of. Boost or increase, we can choose one and then we can actually make very different words here, right? So out of all this, maybe we just take out some of these that are very, very similar and just say, earn or make extra money instead of creating or making by making.

(12:57) And we'll just want Google sheets here. Boost, increase. Phase two, increase your by making Google sheets. We have an extra there. Income may, maybe we don't know exactly income or profits. We're gonna have way less, but 65, but they're gonna be very different, right? We have 20 ways, 15 ways, all of these 15 ways, 10 ways, five ways.

(13:22) We have all of the versions. Every single version of this with five ways, every single version with 10 ways, every single version with 15 ways, every single version with 20 ways. And now if we had AI inside of our Google sheet here, we can start writing this, right? We can take each one of these and just say, uh, let's go to AI and write this.

(13:41) Let's start writing the introduction to it right here, right? And if you don't have AI inside of your Google sheet, then go watch my other tutorials here on better sheets. Um, I have the. API access to open ai. I upgraded it to, uh, G P T four recently. If you're not a member yet and you're watching this somewhere else, become a member today and get AI inside of your Google Sheet.

(14:02) Um, and maybe also grab some spin tax. You can get spin tax for free. Actually, it's a completely free Google sheet. Uh, add-on right here in your Google Sheets. You can see all the AI, uh, adventures here in Google sheets and on YouTube right here. And watch the latest video from better sheets right here.

(14:20) If you haven't watched any other videos on Better Sheets you are in for a treat. Enjoy.