/Copy URL Trick

Discover a faster way to share Google Sheets using the /Copy URL Trick. Automate url editing, save time and promote effortless collaboration.

/Copy URL Trick

Picture this: You want to share your Google Sheet with someone else.

So you copy the link. Paste the link. And tell the other person the whole step-by-step of how to open the sheet, go to file > Make a Copy.

That sucks.

That's just awful for everyone. And a lot of typing.

There's a better way!

Add /copy to the end of the url.

BUT! You gotta take the non bits off the end first.

There's an even BETTER way!


Yeah that's right.

I fixed this whole process for you.

Take your url, go here, and paste it: BetterSheets.co/copy

The new url with the /copy already added will be added to your clipboard.

You don't even have to hit command + C!

You can paste it now in your email to your friends, your boss, your coworkers, your employees, your VAs. anyone.

For example

This week I made a "My Barbie Checklist" spreadsheet I want to share with others:


Now I go to BetterSheets.co/copy, paste the url.


You can copy the sheet with this link:




Eliminates the need to manually edit URLs for sharing Google Sheets.


Saves time by automating the process of generating a copyable link.

👍 User-friendly

Provides a straightforward solution for sharing and copying Google Sheets.

Use Cases:


Share Sheets with coworkers. Enables them to easily make their own copies.


Teachers can quickly distribute worksheets so students can easily duplicate

Data Collection

Researchers can share Sheets so each participant has a copy.

Types of People who could benefit:


Project managers, consultants, or business owners who frequently share Google Sheets/


Teachers, instructors, or trainers who share educational resources


Professionals conducting surveys, or collecting data

Make Sweet Sweet URLs with /copy at the end

Take your url, go here, and paste it: BetterSheets.co/copy

Share your sheets.

And then make sure your sheets are filled with awesomeness!