Build a Prioritization Framework Business

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Build a Prioritization Framework Business

Let's build a business in a Google Sheet.

We're going over the idea to build a Prioritization Framework Google Sheet.

This kind of sheet could be particularly useful for busy professionals, project managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs to prioritize tasks on a regular basis.

Someone with a business consultancy background would be key to building a wonderful spreadsheet.

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What are Prioritization Frameworks?

Prioritization frameworks are structured methods used to evaluate and rank different options or tasks based on their relative importance or urgency. These frameworks can be applied in various contexts, such as business, project management, personal goal setting, and decision-making.

The goal of a prioritization framework is to help individuals or teams make informed choices and allocate resources effectively. Some common types of prioritization frameworks include:

  • Eisenhower Matrix: This framework categorizes tasks into four quadrants based on their urgency and importance.
  • Value vs. Effort Matrix: This framework plots options on a graph based on their perceived value and the effort required to achieve them.
  • MoSCoW Method: This framework categorizes tasks into four categories - Must have, Should have, Could have, and Won't have - based on their criticality to the project or goal.
  • RICE Framework: This framework uses a formula to prioritize options based on their reach, impact, confidence, and effort required.

By using a prioritization framework, individuals and teams can avoid decision paralysis, focus on high-priority items, and ultimately achieve their objectives more efficiently.

Who can use this Sheet?

This kind of sheet could be particularly useful for busy professionals, project managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs to prioritize tasks on a regular basis. In addition to that, perhaps people who's life comes at them too fast. That's moms, dads, family planners, or even teachers. Anyone who finds that they have a number of tasks.Any creative who has their own internal commitments and they need to externalize them.

There are a few priority frameworks that everyone knows, like Eisenhower Matrix. But there might be a litany of others that are very specific to certain types of work (emotional labor, mental modeals) and that could be used when the time is right or if there's a specific number of items.

What can be in the Sheet?

Merely a list of these frameworks is not enough to make a great google sheet product out of them. A Google Sheet repository could become a great directory if you editorialize, contextualize, and index a ton of frameworks. Make it very easy to search by a variety of methods. Frameworks that help in certain situations could be categorized by those situations, life circumstances, or keywords.

Create an internal weighted scorin formula that could be proprietary information. Create a number of different ways to rate and rank the frameworks, then go through and grade them. But then possibly could make this open to the user to change and edit as they need. Answer a few questions about their situation and the rating/ranking resets or changes based on the answers. A google sheet is perfect to create this type of data management system.

Some frameworks that could be included in this Prioritization Framework Sheet

- A weighted scoring formula that assigns points to each task based on its importance and urgency.
- A cost-benefit analysis formula that helps users evaluate the potential benefits and drawbacks of each task.
- A decision matrix formula that helps users evaluate multiple options and choose the best one based on specific criteria.
- A Pareto analysis formula that helps users identify the most important tasks based on the 80/20 rule.

How can you sell this sheet?

Selling access to this sheet as a one time payment is a simple business model to set up. There is also the possibiltiy of selling consulting calls to help identify and work with the frameworks. And there's also available a monthly fee for updates and/or addition information or roll out more advanced frameworks over a period of months, or access to new cases studies. Seeing the frameworks used would be very awesome for a buyer to see the use of them. Before and after case studies with the framework as the fulcrum between the two.

Anyone with a background in Business Consultation could make an amazing product all based in Google Sheets.

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