Better FAQs: The FAQ Maker - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Generate, craft, and publish FAQs effortlessly using AI. For both new product launches and new features. Optimize your Google Search traffic with structured data.

Better FAQs: The FAQ Maker - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Note: This product has been renamed to Fast FAQs and is currently available only to Better Sheets Members.

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New Tool for you: Fast FAQs. Create a quick 10 question FAQ for any new product or new feature you want. Even great for topics and theories. Sheet use

How does Better FAQs generate questions for a launch or new feature?

Better FAQ uses OpenAI's GPT-4 API to generate a list of frequently asked questions. It is designed inside of a Google Sheet.

How do I send the FAQ created in Better FAQs directly to Ghost to publish as a blog post?

You can generate common questions quickly, and effortlessly by just describing the product or new feature. It's built with a direct integration to Ghost which makes publishing to your blog very easy. And generates structured data so you can optimize your Google Search traffic. It also makes sure to ask the kinds of questions people who don't know what you know. It's common that when we create products we are too deep inside. This allows you step outside of your insider knowledge and get questions people really will ask.

What are the benefits of using Better FAQs to generate questions about my product?

The main features of Better FAQs includes generating simple beginner questions along with an easy to compose space to write answers. Additionally the next main feature is to publish a draft directly to Ghost with structured data for the Google Search Engine.

What are the steps for using Better FAQs to generate a FAQ for a product launch or feature?

Sometimes we , as makers are too deep inside of the product to think of general questions. Also beginner questions will help you write highly search optimized answers. And using Better FAQs should take the pain out of generating FAQs, so you can make more. Dissect your product into smaller pieces and create FAQs for each feature.

What is the process for injecting structured schema for a FAQpage for Google using Better FAQs?

Better FAQs can be used for physical or digital products. You don't need any coding knowledge to get it set up and start generating FAQs. You can also use Better FAQs without Ghost. Perhaps you use Medium for your blog or Wordpress. No matter which publishing platform you use, you can copy and paste the questions from Better FAQs to your publishing software of choice.

How does AI generate up to 10 questions in Better FAQs?

You can access Better FAQs at it is built in Google Sheets. Lifetime members of Better Sheets get Better FAQs for free.

You can generate up to 10 questions with Better FAQs at once. That means you can reset and start again. But the AI will not remember your past 10 questions. 10 Questions is good enough for a new product launch, and/or a new feature.

How do I access Better FAQs tool?

You can only set up to 10 questions and answers in Better FAQs.

What is the function of notes in Better FAQs?

The FAQs generated by Better FAQs is in plain text. You can copy and paste that into your publishing platform of choice. If you integrate with Ghost the Questions are formatted as H2 and the Answers are formatted as P, paragraphs. The schema generated is consistent with Google's FAQpage schema.

What are some of the features provided by Better FAQs, such as schema injection and direct publishing to Ghost?

To publish from Better FAQs to your Ghost blog you will need a Ghost Admin API key and also a Ghost Admin URL. Additionally to use the AI you will need an OpenAI apikey. Once you have those set up on the tab APIKEY then you can directly publish from the sheet to ghost as a draft. After you have generated the questions, write the answers under them. Then, you go to the custom menu called Publish to Ghost and select Send Draft to Ghost.