9 Tutorials to Help You Use the IF() Formula Better

Build tools like timers and savings thermometers. Unlock the power of the =IF() formula with the comprehensive tutorials on Better Sheets!

9 Tutorials to Help You Use the IF() Formula Better

We all know what the IF() formula does, but do you know what we can do to make it better? Explore the IF() formula with fun tutorials below. You will learn how you can use them to create a timer with Apps Script, build a thermometer for your savings goals, and even create a World in Google Sheet!

You can do so much more with the IF() formula and my video tutorials below shows you how.

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Create a Timer with Apps Script

A timer is a cool thing. You know what’s even cooler? The fact that you can create one right now with Google Sheets. This tutorial walks you through how to create that with the help of Apps Script.

Send a Daily Email with Inspiring Quote - A Little Pick Me Up

There are days when we feel down and I created this sheet to get myself a little pick-me-up in my inbox. This is inspired by Jessica Williams from Tech Biz Gurl, whose newsletter’s subject lines are something akin to a creator-focused quote.

I created this Google Sheet so that I just get a reminder that everything’s going to be okay. Just keep creating, keep going. Do what you can. This is a fun and meaningful tutorial. If pick-me-up quotes are something you enjoy, check out this video tutorial.

Build a Thermometer for Saving Goals

Here’s a fun tutorial that you might find useful: Track your saving goals with a thermometer using Google Sheets. Yes, you get to add a little bit of magic to your sheet with this tutorial.

How to Iterate Counting Blank Cells in Google Sheets

If you’re wondering how you can enter a new number in Google Sheets and then iterate through that number every time there’s a blank cell, then this tutorial is for you. If you have rows and rows (and more rows!) of blank cells that you need to fill in with numbers in a chronological order, this video tutorial will save you the headache. I’ll walk you through the steps and functions with actual examples to make it easy for you to follow along. Watch the video tutorial to get started.

5 Ways to use IF() Formula to Create Magic in Your Sheets

We're going to sprinkle a little magic on your sheets in this video tutorial. I’ll show you 5 ways to use the IF() formula:

  1. ISBLANK()
  2. Checkbox
  3. AND()
  4. OR()
  5. IF(IF())

Quadrant to List and List to Quadrant

In this tutorial, we’re going to wrangle data. Isn’t that exciting? We’ll take some data, twist it and turn it into a different type of look and feel. Then we’ll do the same thing in reverse.

We’ll create a quadrant for tasks that are important, not important, urgent, and not urgent. I’ll show you how we can move data from a list to a quadrant or a matrix and move it back into a list or vice-versa.

2 Ways to Hide Data

Show data only when you need it with this tutorial. I’ll show you two ways to do that. One is formatting, which is very manual but a simple way to hide data. The second one is through the IF() formula and a checkbox.

Wordle in a Google Sheet | Work in Progress

Do you love Wordle, too? I love it. I play it everyday. For the love of Wordle, I will show you in this tutorial that you can play Wordle in a Google Sheet. I will also show you what the problem is, what the bug is, and figure out a solution to it. It’s a work in progress. It’s also fun!

Find Hundreds of Available Domains From Keywords with Concat and Array Formula

We try a fun project in this tutorial for beginners by picking a domain name for a website. I used Google Sheet when I was trying to pick out a newsletter name. I included columns for some criteria and I even added a rating system. Here in Better Sheets, this tutorial is the most popular Google Sheet tutorial on the IF() formula is basically about a domain finder. Watch the video below to learn the fun way on how you can create a domain finder using Google Sheets.

For more free tutorials, Check out these other videos:

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