80 Years In 1 Spreadsheet

See your entire life in a single spreadsheet. Watch the Memento Mori Dashboard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iP54u6lQS8

80 Years In 1 Spreadsheet

See your entire life in a single spreadsheet.

80 Years In 1 Spreadsheet

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Watch the  Memento Mori Dashboard here:

Transcript of 80 Years in 1 Sheet:
(00:00) Hello. We're gonna review Emmett Sheer, the CEO of Twitch's Twitch. And we're gonna, we're gonna review his Google sheet. They made. He's been on this earth for 40 years, almost same as me, similar, I think he's a year older than me. I'm about to reach 40. I just created memento Mori, the Dashboard for death.

(00:20) The death dashboard. And it's very Morose morbid. And so I saw this and it jumped out on my Twitter feed Emmett Sheer and his life to date sheet. He also definitely does share this, and so that's really cool. And then Tiago in the comments mentioned or showed this other I don't know, infographic, it's not a sheet, but it's a, it shows you your early years, your school years.

(00:48) And this probably was yeah, but he said that probably, I'm sure it was at least partially inspired by seeing this one, so I wanted to go over it and just make a couple of interesting little, I wanna make a little, in a few little updates to it. That I think could make it so much better. That makes it feel better.

(01:06) Now what's interesting too is that all of the things that I do to make it better don't necessarily make it more shareable. I do want to point that out that Emmett is CEO of Twitch. He has a good presence on Twitter and this sort of screenshot screams. This is a Google sheet, right? This is a Google sheet.

(01:24) I made this in a Google sheet. I made this sort of just to. Have a nice little visual and it accomplishes that, right? And what we're gonna do is we made a copy in our Google Drive. I realized that there was a, one of my pet peeves is he hid the second he's hidden the second row. I think this might have been just for use for a little bit, but what I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna delete it, and I don't think we really need.

(01:52) It. We have this reference here that we showed up. So from what I can tell, it's just this one formula. Here. We can actually go and view few formulas to see if there's any other formulas here. There's just plus ones here. Makes it pretty simple to just put in your, maybe that's his birthday or something.

(02:15) I don't see any other sheets. I don't see any other I see some T in T three. Maybe it was his some birthday thing, but I'm gonna just change this so that's static. So we don't have a formula here. We don't need the, I don't think we need the number of the week. So we'll just turn that to may notice too, that there's just a little bit of massaging here that needed to happen.

(02:39) I think this May is five weeks. July is five weeks, and June is three weeks here. But this can be oh. January is five weeks as well. Most of them are four. Here's five again, five. Four and December is three weeks. So you can massage these around if you wanna highlight a more one of these months. But I think this is pretty cool.

(02:58) We can make a couple of sweet change very quick changes. What I'm gonna do, I'm gonna unhide formulas, but I'm also going to hide the grid. I don't think the grid needs to be shown again. If you are looking for a. A screenshot that screams Google Sheets, then do exactly what Emmett did. But we're gonna have these, he has these majority cities.

(03:20) He has years. I don't know why he has, you have to fill in the first two and then add plus one. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna take. That and fix that. So now all you'll do is sw swap out the first year, 1984 for me. And now all of those should be updated to. 2024. And this also goes only up to what he needed.

(03:45) We're gonna update this and add another, let's say 40 rows. We want all of that, at least. If you watched my Memento Mori video, which I can link to. In this description, I'm gonna live till 2055, May 5th, 2055 is my death date. But we can keep a few years extra here. And also everybody's life ex life expectancy is probably different.

(04:12) So let's add a couple more. So one major thing. So one thing we did is we deleted that second row. What we can do as well is we can take off this frozen row. I don't think we def need it. You absolutely can use it if you want to make this as you need it to you'll probably change this birth. Actually mine is right around here, so I would change it here.

(04:38) I would probably just take this color and do it again. We wanna change this text. I don't like this aerial. I like Carla myself, but you might not because it, we might need to make it a little bit bigger. That looks great. I also want to change this from white. I don't want pure white on the background.

(04:59) I know that. You wanna in this kind of template or this kind of sheet, you might want a high contrast, but I don't think you need like the highest contrast. So I'm gonna change this to a bit of a paper color, F B F eight. And it's just a subtle change, but I think it's going to make a huge difference in coming back to this time and time again.

(05:27) And we're going to also change the text color. We don't want the blackest black, so we're just gonna change it to 4 44 here. And again, just super simple little color change. We might actually make it a little bit what do you call it, more? Less contrast. Yeah, we're gonna make it a little bit yellower.

(05:47) There we go. That's the way we want it. So that really shows up. And I'm gonna go ahead and I like to I wanna plan this out. This is paternity here. He has but we're going to move that all the way for another. Some odd years. So you can come in here and you can also deal with this yourself. I'm gonna add another thing after paternity, which is the kids move out.

(06:19) Alright, so a few more changes I did is I took it to. I took out the personal things and I made it general. So if you want to take this spreadsheet and use it. And I also added this summer holiday all the way through. The reason for that is I noticed in Emmett's that he did this naturally. He has these things that he did during the summer and these things that he did during the summer end up being his life much more than.

(06:50) A single entry of Yale or some school. We can see this we can also see this sort of summer holiday rhythm to the year. Keep coming up. Kiko ran for two years, but then had a glorious bumming around just before Justin tv. And That is the same as summer holidays. We can see as twit tree launch summer holiday.

(07:14) The pivot happened over the course of a year. That was essentially the school year. This could have also been some due to some could, because YC is built around the summer holidays and was for many years. So that might have been. Press reason there, but I did want to showcase this rhythm to the year, around this summer holiday.

(07:36) And then I stopped it here when when Emmett went into Justin tv, even though. You have a hangover for a couple years if you graduate as 22 from uni or you go into maybe even a couple more years of uni or that hangover, you'll end up having a summer holiday. You work for a year somewhere. You work for another year somewhere.

(07:56) You you don't normally go straight into working all day, every day, forever. You have that sort of hangover. So I wanted to showcase that. And maybe an early career here. And I like that. There was Justin tv, there was a pivot. He showcased that. So I'm gonna just go over this a little bit to show that, you probably have a different stuff you're doing here and you might have a different rhythm as well.

(08:21) But here he has paternity. When he was I was actually, this is me. Sorry. I changed it to me. I added a couple years to it. Iit Is just now in his pat fraternity phase. I just moved it to my own when I got a kid in 2021 and then I added summer holiday for the kids. So even though we get out of our summer holiday rhythm, we end up back in our, in the summer holiday rhythm once we have kids and then we have an empty nest.

(08:48) If you only have one kid, it might, this might only be 18 years. Oh wait, that's only 13 years. Yeah, 13 minus five because you probably don't have a summer holiday when they're before they go to school. So once they go to school, now your year is based on their summer holiday. And then again, based on how many kids you have you'll end up with an empt nest at some point.

(09:08) Empt Nest years. And then retire in some particular way. So you might also still have summer holiday, maybe if as a grandparent you're have, you're on the grandkids summer holidays. I wanted to make this a little bit better and a little more adjustable for your own and all of us. Emmett did a cool job here, and again, it looks and screams and feels like a Google sheet, right? But we wanna make it look like, okay, can we really see.

(09:35) Our life in and maybe this summer holiday is a little too in your face and maybe it's should be more shaded towards these shades. So let me do that. There we go. So this blends in a lot more, I think that summer holiday burst out because it's also text here. And you're gonna just fill in your own text for actually interesting things.

(09:56) We can also take down, let's take down this text to gray that really seals the deal here. So it's similar hue or the same color, similar hu color as the years that they are, but they are shaded a little differently to really knock out like, Hey, this is different. Again, we see this in Emmett's life here, and we can see this in our own lives, that there's gonna be some rhythm around this summer, right? The natural rhythm of the earth.

(10:25) We're gonna have that rhythm ourselves and our life. So I did want to keep this here to show that very starkly Yeah, and maybe we can add better sheets here cuz I think better sheets came around 20. Yeah. Here, let's add some better sheets because we definitely need it. I'll use this green actually and white and I think it was April 20.

(10:53) And now I see why we need this. This a, as we get in the years, we want April, we wanna see this first line. So there we go. The first week of April, we have better sheets. Woo. And we can also put those there. It's cool. Woo. And maybe we color this in some other way. For paternity, but it is a whole new life, this paternity thing.

(11:19) So yeah, I'm gonna look forward to 20 25, 26, getting into elementary school and starting my summer holiday all over again. Very interesting way to see our. Our lives, right? Our lives unfold from elementary, middle school, high school, university. Take these little gaps, maybe these gaps not gaps, but these timelines are really reminiscent of startup life.

(11:42) Another three or four years a university style learning. And maybe our life is filled with those, or we end up with one or two that are way more so like my pat, my, not paternity, but my better sheets has been going for three years and I'm really excited to. See more Google sheets, right? And see how this parenting thing goes right empty and looking forward to an empty nest and retirement maybe, or not.

(12:07) Looking forward to it. Hopefully this has been an interesting video, so you can see how we might take someone's Google sheet and make it a little bit better. I make it a little more adjustable to our own and see also this very clear cool rhythm to the year. Bye. Watch the latest video from better sheets right here.
(12:25) If you haven't watched any other videos on Better Sheets you are in for a treat. Enjoy.

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