This Week in Better Sheets - Feb 12th, 2023

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This Week in Better Sheets - Feb 12th, 2023

Weekly round up of new Better Sheets videos and blog posts. New Google Sheets tutorials released between Feb 6th and 12th.

We have one big update to the Better Sheets website! There are six new videos and five new blog posts. Are you interested in choosing your avatar? How about adding thumbnails to your Google Sheets? Or maybe you want to know what percentage of the year has gone and how much time you have left until 2023 ends. You get that (and more) this week in Better Sheets!

Choose Your Anonymous Avatar on

An update to allows all members to choose their avatar. You know those avatars you're randomly given when you sign into a sheet anonymously? Yeah those! You can now choose your own avatar. You can be Nyan cat forever. Or a walrus. Or a kraken.

Saddest email I’ve ever gotten

If you ever feel like you want to learn Google Sheets, but not need to learn it, then this video is for you. I give you some tips and insights on why learning Google Sheets is something that can be needed.

How to Add YouTube Thumbnails to Your Google Sheets

We can make Google Sheets more visually pleasing  by adding thumbnails to your sheets. Use the YouTube URL of a video to do this.

I Built a Year Progress Clone | Twitter Bot to Google Sheets

Learn how you can keep track of  the percentage left in the year in your Google Sheets. In this video, I share with you what it is that makes this clone of year progress bot automatic. All better team members get the sheet for free.

Google Sheet Template Business Ideas WITH AVAILABLE DOMAINS!

I have 85 business ideas in this video and I hope you enjoy them. I also give you suggestions and tips about each of those. You'll know what to do with your business and domain names by the time you're done with this video.

Your First Formula in Google Sheets

Let's tackle some errors you might encounter. Learn an expert trick on the curly brackets. Also, I'll walk you through how to use formulas, aside from unlocking them with the simple use of "=."

Here are blog posts from this week that you might find useful.

If you'd rather read a tutorial than watch a tutorial, here are the 5 newest posts at

Easiest Mistakes to Make in Spreadsheets

Recognize and catch a mistake before you actually make it. I also show you some very simple changes that you can make to your spreadsheets as you're making this mistake.

Facebook Ad Mock-up Generator

I share with you a few things that make it easy to write some Facebook ads and generate a mock-up of it.

Learn Google Sheet Formulas The Hard Way

There are two ways we can learn these and I go over them in this blog post. I also share with you a trick and a tool that will help you find every single formula.

Redesigning This Copywriting Tool | Spreadsheet Redesign

Turn an infographic of a wheel into a google sheets. The infographic shares with readers new, exciting words they can use for "happy" or "angry" and turns it into a better bullet form in Google Sheets.

Turn Your Apps Scripts into Native Formulas | Apps Script Custom Function Tutorial EASY

Create a calculator using Google Apps Script. New to Apps Script? Don't worry. I go through each step and give examples so that everything is clear.

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