100 Business Ideas Using Google Sheets and Gumroad

Get the inspiration for your next business with this Google Sheet!

Download this today to access the Google Sheet that gives you different business ideas that you can actually start and sell on Gumroad.

This sheet is a work in progress. I’ll keep updating this one, so stay tuned!

Do you have an idea or an existing product? Feel free to add your own. Email me and I’d happily add yours as an example.

What is 100 Business Ideas?

This is a free Google Sheet containing business ideas. These ideas are ones that you can start by selling a Google Sheet of your own.

What is it used for?

Take one or two  ideas from it. Maybe even more! Create those Google Sheets and sell them on Gumroad. It’s a great passive income! I’ve done the same thing and you can do it, too.

I’ve launched 2 products and sold multiple copies. I’ve made hundreds of dollars of revenue. It’s a tried and tested method.

Some questions:

Where can I get it?

You can download this in Gumroad.

Is it free?

Yes! If you’re a Better Sheets member, you get this one absolutely free at BetterSheets.co/tools

How can I use it?

Download the Google Sheet here and read through the different business ideas that you can use and create with the GG stack.

What is the GG Stack?

GG Stack means Google Sheets and Gumroad. A stack that includes Payment (Gumroad) and Product (Google Sheets).

Can I share it with others?

Yes. Please share with others and discuss it. Maybe by presenting these ideas you'll strike up a fruitful conversation with a potential cofounder, or coworker.

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